Vee Inspired

Vee Inspirations Owner with custom crochet scarves

Hi! I’m Victoria Mays, owner and founder of the company Vee Inspirations by Vee. Vee Inspirations has been a part of my life prior to the establishment of the physical company which came into existence in 2015 by the inspired Word of God. Through the trials and tribulations I and my family have endured in the past three years, I have found comfort and strength in knowing that no matter what challenges I may face in life, God’s Word lets me know that I can overcome. This revelation inspired me to use my talents to inspire others!


We all need to be inspired. Inspiration is necessary to help us combat the negative feelings associated with the many hardships and disappointments that we face on a daily basis. Whether it be a scripture, positive notes or messages, a nod of approval, a hand shake or a hug, a smile or a special gift, these things let us know we are loved, we are important, we make a difference and we can succeed no matter how many times we fail.


All of my products are designed with love and care. They make the perfect gift or token of love for those you care for. They also make great personal gifts to give you that incentive to keep moving forward. I have three lines of products including “Cooking In The Spirit”; inspirational scriptures, notes, and messages to feed your soul (cooking utensils, cups, aprons, pot holders, hand towels, prints and more), “Crafts by Vee” ; made with care by hand to be that special gift for those you care for (blankets, scarves, hats, and head bands), and “Books By Vee”; educational and inspirational reading for young and old.